How to do the safety management of special equipment

Issuing time:2020-08-17 11:38

With the gradual formation of the socialist market economy, a series of changes have taken place in the safety management work, exposing a new problem; how to do a good job


      The safety management work under the situation to ensure the safe and economic operation of its production is an important task for every safety manager. Looking back at our safety management work, we have gained some experience, but when the production tasks are extremely heavy, we will unconsciously expose the lack of safety management in our work.

      The phenomenon is mainly manifested in the following points:

      (1) The unit lacks a self-restraint mechanism. In production management, although it gives a place for safety, it is excessively pursuing production index, neglecting or not establishing, improving self-restraint mechanism, and not paying attention to safety management investment. It only stays on the verbal, although there are penalties, but it does not pay attention to the initial investment. Only when the accident happened, I thought about fulfilling the penalty clause, simply replacing the safety management with economic punishment, and sometimes even doing superficial articles. The annual safety activities are booming and do not touch the root of the problem. Inquiries, there is no fundamental change in unit safety management. As a result, safety is often out of control and out of control.

      (2) The safety management mode of the unit is backward and the implementation of the system is not in place. The safety management method still stays in the initial stage of slogans, meetings, and punishments. It does not grasp the key points of management and cannot form a management system.

      (3) The operator only operates, does not understand or does not fully understand the working principle and general maintenance knowledge of the equipment being operated. There are no problems in the emergence of problems, no positive response strategies. In view of the above problems, I believe that we should start from the establishment of a security mechanism with the characteristics of this unit security organization, do a good job in the carrier and so on:

      First, establish and improve the security mechanism of the security conference, and do a good job of the carrier

      At the security meeting, we insisted on "meeting with problems and opening a meeting to solve problems", so that the safety "week" will have a work arrangement, "month" will have a safe work analysis, and the "season" will have a safe work evaluation. Targeted by various security conferences, make full use of the carrier of the conference.

      1. A meeting in "week". Every Monday morning production safety will be attended by the dispatching workshop leader, summarizing the production safety situation last week, and arranging the unsafe factors that may exist in this week's production and discussion work. Every Friday, workshop leaders attend the team meeting. Solve the problems in the work of the team, and at the same time urge the team to be safe.

      2. A meeting in "months". The monthly production, equipment and safety situation of the technical team's professional mouths will be dissected every month, and the problems of the current month will be reported to the workshop and then implemented by the workshop to solve the problems.

      3. Conduct a quality and safety inspection every quarter to focus on solving the problems of remote corners. At the same time, the safety production team of this season was judged and commended.

      Second, establish and improve production, technology and security mechanisms

      In the actual operation of the safety responsibility system, it is necessary to recognize that the safety is good, the key is to lead and optimize the coordination and interaction between production, technology and safety. To this end, the unit must formulate a three-level guarantee system and the first insider responsibility. System, maintenance and repair of key equipment.

      1. The third-level security system is to maintain and check the running equipment. The operator checks the equipment every hour, and the maintenance personnel of each type of work perform two inspections on the equipment every day, and the technicians perform it twice a day. This eliminates the leak detection of pressure equipment and the unsafe factors in the operation of the equipment.

      2. The first insider responsibility system means that the first insider of the technical group receives the problem, which belongs to the profession, and timely solves the problem with the dispatching of the workshop. If it cannot be solved for a while, it should be explained. If it is not in the profession, it is necessary to bring the problem back to the relevant technical personnel of the technical group in time, and then deal with it according to the requirements of the professional. After the first insider has dealt with the problem, he will give feedback to the team reflecting the problem in time to inform the situation.

      3. Since the equipment in my workshop is in continuous operation for 24 hours, the running equipment may have problems at any time. In order to prevent the inspection task from being issued, the gaps in the maintenance of various types of work, the impact on the spare parts of the workshop, and the introduction of the "key and spare equipment one-vote system" as a one-vote form shall be handed over to the dispatcher for arrangement. This prevents the technical team from being disconnected due to heavy work. Take the soft water pump as an example: if there is a problem with the motor in operation, when repairing the motor, only repair the motor, causing the equipment to run for a long time, the mechanical or connected pipes or valves have problems and restart the operation and put into maintenance. The situation of equipment is tight.

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